Does the whole package accept baggage?

People have dreams. They have things they want in their lives and they try hard to make them happen. But other unplanned issues occur in the meantime that can affect the way we envisioned that “perfect life”. We start out with plans and desires, but somewhere along the way we lose momentum. We lose our drive. So, can a person still have everything despite the fact that, in the past, he or she made some wrong turns?

I had some moments in my life when I thought I could have a wonderful life, considering the things that were going on back then. On the other hand, I had more moments when I saw my sandcastle crumbling down because I came with baggage. So I adjusted. I came to the conclusion that I should want different things, such as a career, a bank account, an apartment and maybe even a cat. But love… I might just hold that off for a while. For a long while. 

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