(not so) troubled waters

Today I promised a dear friend that I will also write some things in English (I am aware that Google translate doesn’t always work that great, well, not usually). So, just to resume a little, I had a three month relationship with a nice guy that ended in tears a few days ago. Of course, those were my tears. He ended it because he said we were too different. In this moment, I would say that he is right. We were different. I would have fought for our sake, he saw some hardships and just left. That is the only explanation that he gave me. It’s not enough, it makes me feel that there is more to it. Anyway, I need someone who will stay by my side no matter how diverse our opinions are, I need someone who will not bail out on me at the first sign of weakness, I need someone who will actually care for more than five minutes. My dear friend, you’ve known me for some years now and I believe that you will not be surprised when I will tell you that my mood and my thoughts are likely to change tomorrow, and that I might yell that I want him back. Apparently, I’m turning into a woman. Nevertheless, I am happy for one thing: I still have my friends. I almost ignored them for a few months, but now they are all here, holding my hand and just being there for me. There are moments when I know that without them I would actually be nothing. They showed me a whole new world, they care enough to hear me complain about my love life every few months and they love me unconditionally. These are some of the reasons why I call them my family of choice.

My friend, P., this is a sample of how I write my blogs (I do believe that my sentimental Peeping-Tom comparison was quite adequate). I hope you enjoyed this and I promise that it’s just the first of many more English-written posts to come.

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